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Here's a list of the main changes I've made to the site, from newest to oldest. For changes to the software, see the version history.

28th December 2002

12th December 2002

30th November 2002

22th November 2002

11th November 2002
  • Added two new models from Piotr Pawlikowski to the Users' Models page.

4th November 2002

18th October 2002

14th October 2002

9th October 2002
  • Added a new model from Ulrich Mikloweit to the Users' Models page.

24th September 2002
  • Added some new images to the ScreenShots page. Here is an example:

23rd September 2002

15th September 2002

12th September 2002
  • Stella 2.0 now available!
    What's new? Heaps! I have written a paper about Great Stella 2.0 which you can read here. Hopefully this will also be published soon. See also the home page for an overview, and the new Great Stella Manual and Small Stella Manual.
  • I have made a bunch of new models, most of which couldn't be made in the old version of Stella. See the new Miscellaneous Polyhedra category, which has lots of new models. Here are a couple of examples:

29th August 2002
  • Stella 2.0 coming soon!
    It may appear that I haven't been doing anything lately, however I have been working on the next major release of Stella. See a brief blurb about it on the home page. I have also made lots of new models, but using features that weren't in Stella 1.1, so I haven't put images of them up yet. Release is expected in a few weeks!

27th May 2002
  • Now you can purchase your own high quality polyhedral mugs and mouse pads through the web site. Click here to see the full range and purchase your own.
  • Visitors can now enter anonymous comments about the site and programs via a few pages such as the home page.

22nd April 2002

15th April 2002

4th April 2002
  • Added another new model from Marc Picquendar to the Users' Models page.

2nd April 2002
  • Added Marc Picquendar's new 5-cube model to the Users' Models page.

27th March 2002
  • Added new model from Marc Picquendar to the Users' Models page.

21st March 2002
  • Improved the navigation controls around many pages.

7th March 2002
  • Added new models from Marc Picquendar to the Users' Models page.
  • Added a new page to the Research section: Augmented Uniform Polyhedra, where four new polyhedra are discovered.
  • Added enumeration of reflexible fully-supported stellations for some models where the total number (ie including chiral) is too high to count.

25th February 2002

21st February 2002

14th January 2002
  • Stella 1.1 released! Added announcement to home page. Existing users may upgrade to this version for free (click Get Latest Version in the About box of your current version). See version history for details of changes.

8th January 2002

1st January 2002

14th November 2001
  • Added pricing for upgrades from Small Stella to Great Stella. Only costs a little more than the normal price difference. See the Purchase page.

10th November 2001
  • Added new models from Richard Stratton and Ulrich Mikloweit to the Users' Models page.

9th December 2001

7th December 2001
  • Updated Screen Shots page with an example of 3D stereoscopic viewing.
  • Updated Download page again, now that Small Stella is also available through Download.com. Now you can rate Small Stella too, not just Great Stella.

13th November 2001
  • Added Users' Models page, showing models made by people other than me, using Great Stella or Small Stella (referenced from the Gallery).

8th November 2001
  • Updated Download page to link to Download.com. Now you can rate Great Stella and provide a review!

7th November 2001


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