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Stella: Polyhedron Navigator

"If you're unfamiliar with three-dimensional polyhedra, Great Stella gives you the chance to get acquainted – in the on- and off-screen worlds"
Mike Bedford, PC Plus magazine, Issue 271, August 2008, p46
"I am finding Great Stella the greatest program ever devised for the use of polyhedron model makers..."
Fr. Magnus Wenninger (author of "Polyhedron Models") [Read more testimonials]

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Stella News:
  • Stella4D used in Matt Parker's video
    Matt Parker used Stella4D to produce 4D animations for his YouTube video here.
  • On display at Bridges 2016 in Finland
    Two of my paper models were on display, and one of my short films was screened, at the Bridges 2016 conference on art and mathematics in Jyväskylä, Finland.
  • Image from Stella4D appears in new book
    A full page rendering of a tesseract, created with Stella4D, was used in Clifford A. Pickover's book The Math Book. Click on "Look Inside" and see page 283.
  • Stella mentioned in book and in Scientific American
    Images created by Stella4D were used in Matt Parker's book Things to make and do in the Fourth Dimension. An image was also used in Scientific American's review of the book.
  • Polyhedral calendar and greeting cards designed by Robert Webb.
  • Polyhedra on display and article in The Age
    My paper polyhedra were on display for two weeks at Fed Square in Melbourne, Australia. An article appeared in The Age about it.
  • MoStella Android app released!
    The companion mobile app for Stella is now available! It's called MoStella and comes in 3 flavours:
    • MoStella Free - Platonic solids, Kepler-Poinsot and Archimedean solids.
    • MoStella Silver - Adds all the uniform polyhedra.
    • MoStella Gold - Adds stellations, compounds, Johnson solids, Stewart toroids and more.
    They can display duals, and morph between polyhedra and their duals in a couple of different ways. You still need the desktop Stella to create new polyhedra or print nets, but it's nice to have all these shapes at your finger tips wherever you go!
  • New Stella video!
    Produced a new introductory video for new Stella users.
  • Recent photos of paper models made using Stella
  • Now you can follow Stella on facebook
  • Stella on TV!
    The Today Show had a story about Great Stella back in 2003. You can watch it here.
  • Picture from Stella4D in New York Review of Books
    See it online here. It's the last image in the article, a picture of the tesseract.
  • Great Stella reviewed in PC Plus magazine
    Mike Bedford reviewed Great Stella for PC Plus, a UK magazine. Issue 271, August 2008, p46-47. See some quotes on the testimonials page.
  • Discussion forums
    Ask your questions here.
  • MineSweeper3D
    This is where Minesweeper and polyhedra collide.
  • Si vous parlez français, cliquez ici !

Hi, and welcome to the Stella home page! Small Stella, Great Stella and Stella4D are computer programs which let you create and view polyhedra on the screen, then print out the nets required to build your own models out of paper. Small Stella has a fixed list of built-in models and can print out nets for over 300 polyhedra. Great Stella is more advanced, with many more built-in models, and tools for building literally trillions of new ones. Stella4D includes everything from Great Stella, but adds support for 4D polytopes too. 4D models can be projected into 3D, and you can see their 3D cross-sections and nets in real-time. Click here for photos of polyhedra I've made, all using nets printed from these programs, along with tips for building them.

The programs are fun and easy to use. Some of the jargon in the descriptions below may be a bit baffling at first, but you don't need to know anything about maths or geometry to be able to use these programs and create amazing polyhedra. They should suit everyone from the amateur enthusiast to the seasoned polyhedral expert! (There's a comprehensive glossary too, if you do get stuck).

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Small Stella can display and print nets for over 300 polyhedra. You just pick a model, decide what size you want it, and Stella figures out what nets are required and prints them out. Then you cut them out, fold them up, and glue them together to build your own polyhedra! It is ideal for amateur model-makers or as an educational geometry tool for schools. You can always upgrade to Great Stella later.

Small Stella Features:

See screen shots.
Download free demo version of Small Stella.
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Great Stella download | purchase | compare all products

Great Stella is the ultimate tool for creating, visualising, and printing nets for polyhedra. See my paper Stella: Polyhedron Navigator for a detailed account of what it can do.

Great Stella Features:

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Stella4D download | purchase | compare all products

Stella4D expands on Great Stella to include four-dimensional polytopes, known as polychora. See 3D cross-sections animating in real-time, see complete polychora projected into 3D and try 4D rotation, and view 3D nets and vertex figures of 4D polytopes.

Stella4D Features:

See screen shots.
Download free demo version of Stella4D.
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