March 2010

Guinea Cracker's Spiritual Journey!

One day I went on a spiritual journey!

It started when my friend Father Mantis came back for another visit.
He didn't see me though as I hid around the corner.

He got me thinking though, so it was off to the library to start my spiritual journey!

But I decided religion was indeed for dummies, as the book said, and got these instead.

Then I found an atheist bus! Someone had to give me a boost for this photo.

The bus inspired me, so I went to the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne!
Will have to be careful not to get trodden on when it gets busy,
especially if some of them don't even believe in me!

Luckily I was able to get a special seat for the very short and small.

Finally I had my spiritual experience when Richard Dawkins spoke!

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