Updated January 2014

Guinea Cracker's Random Happy Snaps

Here are some random photos from my travels.

Spot the difference!
If you can spot all the differences you're a genius!
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Happy Valentines Day 2013!
Here's me and my not-quite-right friends Jelly Penguin and John English trying to pick up some playboy bunnies. Wish us luck!
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Australia Day 2013
Preparing my Australia Day breakfast.
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Vicquake 19 June 2012.
Don't worry, I got out unscathed. Were you one of the lucky ones? Now let's all pull together!
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Celebrating Easter with some friends.
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Sailing the treacherous tartan sea!

The tartan sea is not without its obstacles.

Prepared for anything this time.

Soaring high in the tartan sky!
Or possibly hiding on somebody's tie.

I jumbled and started solving my teraminx!

Almost solved!

Is it just me, or are Rubik's cubes getting more difficult?!

Here I am at the miniature Royal Melbourne Show.
Just my size!

Royal Melbourne Show again, guinea pig judging.

And The Show again, with a pile of drugged kittens.

I forget what road this photo was taken on.

I think food should end up in your bowels, not start off in them!
And I thought there were only 5 bowels anyway, or are they counting "Y"?

Here I am with some friends I met in the park.
They gave me a hat to wear so I wouldn't look like a tourist.
Then we decided to make an album cover. What do you think?

That's me playing my glass baby-grand piano.
Actually more of an embryo-grand.
I wish my brother George were here.

Happy New Year! Here I am at Rob's NYE party, basking on a platter of Tweezels,
a cheesy new hors d'oeuvre invention. It's a cheezel with a twisty through the middle,
all on a toothpick (as is kind of obvious from the photo).
Let's make it a meme people, spread the word!
(Little known fact: hors d'oeuvre is very hard to spell).

Merry Christmas! Guinea Cracker in full Christmas attire. Now I'm a Christmas cracker!

The ghost of Guinea Christmas. Spooky! Watch out Scrooge!

Here I am at the observatory. We only saw one very bright star, but it hurt to look at. Probably should have gone at night.

After the observatory, I decided to see the film Moon with my friend Rhino. Here we are at cinema Nova.

Here I am posing with the star of the movie. I like the moon, because we look a bit alike.

Me having an idea. Actually I was fresh out of ideas at the time, so this photo was faked by using a real light bulb. Can you tell?

Here I am with my hippy chick friend (she calls me petal). Actually, she looks a bit like a French man.

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