March 2009

Guinea Cracker and Father Mantis

My friend Father Mantis dropped in for a quick prayer the other day. I'm not really into that, but you have to be hospitable I suppose and respect people's ways, even if they don't respect yours.

What's that creeping up behind me?! (Father Mantis can be a bit creepy).

It was my friend Father Mantis.


He offered me a back massage, but his hands were kind of dusty.

Then he came towards me holding something in his antenna. It looked like some sort of prophylactic, although I'm not sure he knew how to use it.

I presumed this was some sort of religious ceremony, so it seemed polite to keep quiet and respect his ancient customs.


Father Mantis noticed the camera at this point and seemed a bit shocked.

Then it got dark it was time for Father Mantis to leave.

I offered to see him out, but he said he'd just take the wall.

Now that he's gone, little things around the house remind me of him.

We didn't end up praying at all, which suited me, although I did pray that Father Mantis wouldn't drop in again anytime soon.
Update! He did drop in again a year later! See my Spiritual Journey.

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