October 2008

Guinea Cracker in Coffs Harbour

I was sitting at home, wondering what to do, when suddenly I decided to have a holiday.

So I flew to Coffs Harbour. Here I am on the balcony of my hotel room at the Aanuka beach resort. It had a very nice view.

I headed towards the beach, and had to cross some bridges along the way.

Always take time to stop and listen to the flowers.

On the walk, I made a new friend, but he was a bit hairy and ticklish.

I encountered a dragon and had to hide! Can you see the dragon in the background?

Here I am on the beach. Sorry the second pic's a little out of focus.

Climbing around rocks is fun.

Uh-oh, must be crabs around here. Hope they don't get me!

I found what seemed to be another rather fetching rice cracker. She didn't talk much, but didn't seem to mind my presence.

I took her down to a pebbly beach.

We looked at the stars, but then I remembered it was daytime. The only star up there was a really bright one which hurt our eyes.

I did some mountain climbing to show off, but she wandered off while she had the chance.

A little sad, I decided to take a cruise.

Back on land, I couldn't leave Coffs Harbour without visiting the 85,274,495th wonder of the modern world, the Big Banana.

There was also an interesting bridge near by.

After a tiring trip, finally I'm on my way home. It will be nice to sleep in my own bag again. I hope I get through customs.

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