March 2010

Guinea Cracker: Origins

So how did it all begin? What prompted my meteoric rise to shooting stardom? Now that you know where Wolverine came from (or not, if like me you didn't see that movie), it's time to discover the truth about Guinea Cracker in... Guinea Cracker: Origins!

One day I woke up in my bag with my friends to discover we weren't in the shop anymore!
I don't know if you can read it, but the bag says "50% Peanut Crackers". That's me!

Someone cut open the bag and tipped us into a bowl. Ah, the smell of fresh air!
Still, I'll miss the bag where I grew up. Oh, and my friends (they get eaten later).

Then Rachael picked me up and was about to eat me!
She and Rob were watching TV and obviously not paying enough attention.

Luckily I caught her eye.

She showed me to Rob and said "Awww I can't eat this one".

Rachael was so happy she did an interpretive dance to celebrate my liberation from the snack bowl.

Then they put me aside and ate my friends.
Still, I guess you can't complain about these things.

Then I joined my new friends to watch whatever exciting thing was on TV.

So now you know! Well, you know how I was discovered. I hope you're not disappointed if you were hoping for a story about a radioactive guinea pig finding its way into a rice cracker factory and wreaking havoc or something along those lines. Maybe the story of how I got into that bag in the first place is a story for another time...

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