March 2011

Guinea Cracker's Biology Lesson

One day I decided to learn about biology, so I went to the experts.

My friend Just Amoeba (not to be confused with Justin Bieber).
He taught me how to divide.

And if you're not feeling the best, Penny Penicillin may help.
Cruel parents don't you think? Most penicillins are called Geoff or something.

Well hello there, Ms Kissing Disease.
Sometimes she tries to go incognito under the alias Epstein-Barr Virus, but still no one can resist those infectious eye lashes. Better keep her away from Penny though! Penny's not keen on viruses.

I couldn't resist just a quick peck.
Though I must admit, my thoughts were of another.

A sperm cell tells me he has his eye on someone special.
Sorry Mr. Sperm, I forgot your name. There were so many of you!

I asked if I could meet her, so he gave me a lift. We hope she likes his bow.

And here she is, Lizzy Egg.

Hey, you two, get a womb!
These guys taught me how to multiply.

Then Ms Kissy decided to get in on the action too.
And that's the story of how I learnt biology.

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