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Stellation of Icosahedron 1

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This model is a stellation of the icosahedron. It looks similar to one of the models in Magnus Wenninger's Polyhedron Models (#40, page 62), but whereas that one is hollow at the centre, this one is not. There is only one type of facial plane, but I have used two colours, by colouring top and bottom facing parts differently.

By default, Great Stella creates three types of nets, two for the red parts, and one for the yellow parts. One red part has five-fold symmetry, and the other three-fold. I used "Selection→Mouse Selection Mode→Cut/Uncut Edges" to cut one of the central edges in the five-fold symmetry piece. Great Stella then creates only one type of net for the red parts, as shown here, with three-fold symmetry.
The trick is how to put the last piece in though! I did something different for this. I cut some of the last parts up somewhat to leave a hole in the model with five walls around it, and a final part which would fit over these walls.
Glue is put on the five walls, and the final part can be put down over it (if the cat doesn't try to get her paw in first). Once complete, it's very hard to tell where the final piece went in.
One problem remains though. Three parts meet at each outer vertex, or rather, they don't quite meet.
A bit of glue is required to hold the three parts together at each vertex. It can be quite hard to hold them together by hand, so I ended up making a couple of peaks from the Five Tetrahedra model to fit over them and hold them in place. I left a couple of points gluing in this way each night.
The final model is very nice. It looks like the Five Tetrahedra model, but with holes in it. The slight splash of yellow from the bottom-facing parts adds a lot too.

Home > Gallery > My Models > Stellated Polyhedra > Stellation of Icosahedron 1
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