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Compound of 5 Tetrahedra

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This compound of 5 tetrahedra is an old favourite among geometers, having first been described by Edmund Hess in 1876. Can you spot a tetrahedron in each color as they weave through each other? The model is provided in Small Stella, Great Stella and Stella4D's Polyhedron Libraries. It is a stellation of the icosahedron (the face planes carve out an icosahedron at the centre), and a faceting of the dodecahedron (they share the same vertex positions). This model is just 10cm in diameter.

The stellation diagram of the icosahedron, with the appropriate cells selected to generate the compound of 5 tetrahedra. You can create the compound yourself using Great Stella or Stella4D's stellation tools.
The nets printed onto metallic paper. I suggest printing out an extra 1 or 2 nets of each color, as you will need to butcher a couple near the end.
A couple of nets printed, scored, cut out, and folded. 20 of these are required, 4 in each of 5 colors.
Two parts complete.
First 3 parts glued together. Be careful to attach them correctly!
First 5 parts viewed from below. After this be careful to follow the color scheme set out so far.
At this stage just 5 parts remain to be done. However given the twisty gnarled nature of the parts, some thought has to go into how to proceed. It would be almost impossible to continue attaching one part at a time!
I decided to continue with this partial crown, over which I could fit the final cap. Butcher the original nets to create these parts. I also printed out some extra white triangles to fit inside each part, creating a solid surface for the final cap to glue onto. These extra triangles were created and printed using Stella's Faceting mode.
Here's the final cap. Each color uses just 2 of the 3 original faces from each net, plus some more of the white triangles used above. This cap then fits snuggly over the above crown. The white triangles glue together in one go, then there are 5 colored flaps to glue down one at a time.

This worked pretty well, though I now wonder if a better way would be to create the final cap complete, using the full 3 faces from 5 nets, but have that part extend into the rest of the model a bit to slide it into place. But then maybe the 5-fold dimples wouldn't end up so neat that way. Hmm, it's a tricky model to finish well!

Home > Gallery > My Models > Symmetric Compounds > Compound of 5 Tetrahedra
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