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Faceted Snub Dodecahedron

A faceting of the snub dodecahedron (see definition of faceted in the glossary). Discovered by George Olshevsky as part of his investigation into the facetings of the snub dodecahedron. The faces of this polyhedron are 12 regular pentagons, taken from the original snub dodecahedron (red), 12 regular pentragrams (orange), and 60 scalene triangles (yellow). The shortest edge of each triangle attaches to a pentagon, the longest edge to a pentagram, and the other edge attaches to another triangle. The result is this twisted, gnarled and truly stunning polyhedron. This model has a diameter of 24 centimetres.

I first tried to build this model using the default nets straight out of Great Stella. Turned out to be so intricate and difficult that I had to give up. I then started again a different way, splitting the model into two parts. A base, and 20 copies of another part that fits onto the base (see below). Both parts were created in Stella, and the nets printed again. Here you see the nets required for the base (not including the red pentagons).
The nets for the second part, of which there will be 20 copies.
The first section of the base starting to take form. Note that some tabs are glued outwards so that the second part can be attached.
And here's the second part. You'll need 20 of these. These will fit onto the base.
Same part viewed from underneath. There's no need to glue the three edges radiating out from the centre. Some of the other long edges out to the points must also be left unglued, but with tabs folded in. These will fit onto the tabs that were glued outwards on the base.
Here is the base part from earlier with one of the second parts attached to it. You are actually better off putting the whole base together before attaching too many of the second parts.
More of the base is coming together, viewed here from inside.
The base continues to take form.
The base is nearing completion. How will we get those last pieces in?!
Start with the yellow pieces, but leave the last part of the net folded back flat.
Then the orange parts can also be glue in at their bases.
These last parts all fan shut, and are glued in place. I recommend leaving all the pentagons off until the rest of the base is complete, and all the second parts have been glued in place. The 12 red pentagons should be the last thing attached.
The view down a 5-fold symmetry axis.
The view down a 3-fold symmetry axis.
The view down a 2-fold symmetry axis.
Close up of some detail in the model.

Home > Gallery > My Models > Faceted Polyhedra > Faceted Snub Dodecahedron
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