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"King Stella"

Here we see the small stellated dodecahedron being crowned as "king of the polyhedra"! At least that's what this model looks like. For the first time, I've used a mix of metallic and non-metallic paper, which works very well. The non-metallic purple paper has a regal look, while the metallic yellow is appropriate for the shiny "crown".

This is one of a series of stellations I have made of the (small or great) dodecahemicosahedron, which yields many stunning stellations.

Here we see the nets required, cut out and ready for gluing. You need twelve copies of this set of nets.
Start as shown, gluing the triangle pairs around the crown's arms.
I printed out some pentagons too, to use inside for extra support at the base of each crown, as shown.
Twelve of the crowns are glued together dodecahedron-style to complete the model.
Before gluing the twelve crowns together though, you might want to have a quick game of chess or two.
Be careful though if your cat has delusions of grandeur, or you may find her trying one of the crowns on for size!
The view down a 5-fold rotational symmetry axes.
The view down a 3-fold rotational symmetry axes.
The view down a 2-fold rotational symmetry axes.

Home > Gallery > My Models > Stellated DHI > "King Stella"
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