Enhancing the "put models on faces"-feature

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Enhancing the "put models on faces"-feature

Post by Ulrich » Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:29 am

robertw wrote:
What are your suggestions for enhancing that feature?

This feature acts rather arbitrarily. Depending from
the shape of the "target" face, the orientation of
the model I want to put on it is chosen automatically.
So a cube is always standing on its vertex when being
put onto a triangle, a tetrahedron is placed on its
edge if you put it on a square. A pentagonal prism
is placed onto its pentagonal face on a triangle
and a pentagon, but on a square when it's put on
a square face of the target model. I'd prefer to
choose these faces (or edges or vertices) in the
same way like I do it in the augmentation process,
where I can select one face before putting the
"bullet"-model into the memory.

I'd like to set the size of the "bullet" model
precisely, which means scaling its edge length
exactly, according to a distance I measured in the
target model, which is not possible with the sizing tools
like they are now.

The orientation of the "bullet" model on the target
face is always according to the reflection planes
of both elements . You cannot choose the angle by
which the "bullet"-model is rotated around the
vertical axis which would be useful too.

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Post by robertw » Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:54 am

I agree with most of that. The orientation is chosen to maintain maximum symmetry, so yes sometimes it will choose a face, sometimes a vertex etc. An explicit choice would be nice.

Also nice would be a preview mode like for augmentation, where you can interactively alter the depth, rotation, etc. But also more work of course. I may look into it someday :)


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