Stella wizard?

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Stella wizard?

Post by robertw » Sun Mar 02, 2008 3:21 pm

These feature requests were mentioned in a post on the Reviews and Testimonials forum:
starbase1 wrote:* I think it would be good to have a 'quick start' or 'highlights' section in the library, to lead the new user directly to some of the prettiest and most impressive polyhedra.
Yeah, I wonder if being more friendly when first running would get more beginners interested. I was thinking of some kind of Stella wizard, which may offer the following initial screen:

What would you like to do now?
* Show me some cool shapes!
* Show me how to make my own paper models.
* Teach me about stellation.
* etc?
(any suggestions?)

But it may be a bit of work to put together.

I'd like to hear from anyone with thoughts on this idea (even though many of the people here wouldn't need it).
* I would like to see a button to 'reset rotation' directly available in the export process.
Yep, would be handy. It exports using the current viewing orientation, which means you can use the options from the "View->Orientation" submenu before exporting, but it would be more convenient to just provide those options at the export stage.
* Some sort of thumbnail view of the object, or preview, when loading would be a big help in finding the most interesting shapes.
Might be handy if you could see a whole page of thumbnails at a time, but not so much if you can only see one at a time. Otherwise you may as well just step through the models with the Left/Right arrow keys (when a model is loaded from a file, just hit Left/Right to step to the next file in the same folder).


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