Split facets in coplanar faces

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Split facets in coplanar faces

Post by indigotwilight » Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:07 am

I've stumbled upon this little chestnut a couple of times now. I load up (or create a model) in stella and go to view and print nets, and the nets are not arranged according the the colour scheme chosen.
I know part of this is due to the fact the nets are generated using the stellation mode, but I was wondering how easy it would be to have the option of creating nets independent of how the model is coloured in the stellation view.

Currently, I am on the finishing stages of a compound of 5 dodecahera. I'd like to make its dual, the icosahedron-5 compound, next to make a set. I noticed the compound of 5 icosahedra has coplanar faces, resulting in some facets being 'shared'. What I want is the net for one of the pentagonal pyramid vertex parts, but Stella4d seems extremely reluctant to give me the section I want.
Can the scissors feature be developed so we can cut into the shared facets across the join, to give a single vertex part in this case, from which a net can be generated?

I've had to work around this by first printing the net facets as they appear in stella, and then 'joining' and splicing them manually by transferring onto paper/card. Now I have that template, I can make 60 copies (12 for each icosahedron) - but it is a bit of a hack as I fear cumulative errors are going to come to play.

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