Giving away nets as PDF, off and stel files, etc

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Giving away nets as PDF, off and stel files, etc

Post by indigotwilight » Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:06 pm

I'm in the process of building a website, part of which I want to use to display images of polyhedron models I've built.
I thought it might be nice to include the nets as PDF's so people could then print them out and try to build the models themselves if they wanted to.
In addition, I am considering exporting the models as .off and .obj mesh objects as well as providing .stel files for those that have stella4d.
The mention of stella4d might also inspire people to visit this site and potentially generate a few more sales of the software.

I've generally always printed the nets to PDF from stella4d using CutePDF, which I then print on paper and 'transfer' onto card, so for each model I make, I also have the PDF of the net sitting in a folder on my desktop.

Is there any issue licensing wise in doing this? I'd only provide stel and off files for those models I create myself in stella4d that are not part of the original library.

Thought it best to clarify before I proceed. :D


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