Announcing MoStella! Mobile app full of polyhedra.

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Announcing MoStella! Mobile app full of polyhedra.

Post by robertw » Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:06 pm

Hi folks,

I've finally finished my polyhedral mobile app MoStella. It's Android-only at the moment.

MoStella can display polyhedra, their duals, and show animations of polyhedra morphing into their duals and back in a couple of different ways. You can also explode faces apart to better see inside, and flag your favourites for quick access later. Rotate models in 3D with a swipe of the finger, or limit to single-axis rotation, and release your finger while still moving to let the model keep rotating continuously.

MoStella comes in 3 flavours, depending on which polyhedra are included (the free version also has ads at the top).

MoStella Free: Platonic solids, Kepler-Poinsot and Archimedean solids. ... StellaFree

MoStella Silver: adds all the remaining uniform polyhedra to the mix, including a selection of prisms and antiprisms. ... ellaSilver

MoStella Gold: adds lots of additional sets of polyhedra: Johnson solids, Stewart toroids, The 59 Icosahedra, stellations, compounds, geodesic spheres, Waterman polyhedra and more. ... StellaGold

The apps can also display some info about each shape, with a link to my paper model online where applicable.

Have fun!

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